Before working with Dr Paulette Ogun, I was  struggling with negative thoughts and lacking peace and purpose. Within the 3 sessions, I achieved many things such as replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Also I was able to read and remember God’s promises that gave me peace and reminded me of my purpose. I was able to surround my mind with positive things and research ways to get involved in my community. Now, I’m a lot more positive and looking forward to the future because I’ve realised that I can achieve a lot more than I thought I would. I was pleasantly surprised at how Dr Ogun’s life coaching helped me holistically. It didn’t only affect my mental health, the coaching sessions improved my physical health as I was more motivated to stay fit and eat healthy food. It also helped my spiritual growth as I was able to pray and fast and rely on God’s word. I was also pleasantly surprised at how Dr Ogun gave me the best suggestions like how to remember promises that I wanted to remember and what food to incorporate to have a healthy diet. It was definitely a blessing getting suggestions from her and she always asked me beforehand if I wanted to hear her suggestion. 



A truly lovely experience both physically and spiritually. Value for money. Beautiful surrounding. Good food and fellowship. (I look forward to returning).


I have made great improvement in my health but most of all I have learnt that you need to trust in the God and follow the eight health laws for overall improvement.



What’s Being Said

I attended to kickstart my own healthy principles and I've learnt so much. It more than met my expectations.


I wanted to lose 5lbs this week and I lost 6.3lbs; very uplifting-the programme works!!

Eullette Mallory

I benefitted from having my vitals checked daily, the detoxing and learning how to eat well and drink the right amount of water for my weight and health condition. The graduation was so good. Thank you!

Ms Denby


What’s Being Said

Beautiful people, beautiful experience. God Bless You xxxx


Learnt so much, very informative and very friendly. Well worth coming!!


Nice place, nice home, nice people, will come again. The food was lovely. Thanks for having us.