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Wellness Health Clinic

Welcome to the Wellness Health Clinic at Manna House, where shorter stays can lead to significant health benefits. Whether you're a day or overnight guest, our clinic offers a variety of therapeutic treatments tailored to enhance your well-being. Our therapists are highly trained natural health practitioners. They have a wide range of skills and experience in health education, lifestyle principles, and natural remedies. The health assessments, consultations and lifestyle protocols are done by certified doctors of naturopathy. 

Health Assessments and Consultations

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  • Body Chemistry Assessment: Comprehensive analysis to understand your body’s current health status.

  • Health Assessment and Consultation: Personalised advice from our experienced health professionals to address your specific health concerns. These consultations can also be offered remotely.

  • Lifestyle Protocol: Customised plans to help you make sustainable lifestyle changes and achieve your health goals.

The health consultation involves assessments such as blood pressure, weight, height etc but also body chemistry analysis. Body chemistry analysis is a non-invasive test that utilises fresh samples of urine and saliva. There are seven tests in total, six of which are conducted on the urine sample (these include: total carbohydrate, pH, conductivity, cell debris, nitrate nitrogen and ammonia nitrogen). The last is a test of the saliva pH.  Provisional results are given at the consultation but a detailed lifestyle protocol/prescription providing guidance on how to improve your health is tailored for you to follow.  This is emailed to you and a hard copy will be posted to your postal address.


After you receive the protocol you are welcomed to ring to discuss any aspect it. In order to achieve readings that reflect your current health its important that you do not change your lifestyle before being tested. 


The best samples of urine (about 100mls) and saliva (teaspoon) are taken first thing in the morning, on rising.  

Make sure that you have had nothing to eat 2 hours before obtaining your urine and saliva samples. Do not drink for 30 minutes prior to obtaining the sample. 


Continue to take any medications prescribed to you or that you would usually take. Continue to follow your usual daily patterns and eat, drink and exercising as usual. This will reveal your true results.

The health consultation will take around 60 minutes.


The price is £375.

Online Health Consultations Available

At Manna House, we understand the importance of accessible health care. That's why we offer online health consultations, allowing you to receive expert advice and personalised care from the comfort of your own home.

Take advantage of our convenient online services and begin your journey to optimal health with Manna House today.


Our online consultations are priced competitively, starting from just £125.

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Our Therapies 

Our Therapies 

Our Therapies 

Our Therapies 


Wellness Health Clinic 


+44 7949 072676


Leeming Garth Manor,

4 Leeming Lane, North Yorkshire


Opening Hours

Sunday: 10am - 5pm

Mon - Thur: 9am - 5pm
​​Fri: 10am - 1pm
Saturday: Closed

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